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"Good luck is for novices, bad luck is for everyone. Bank on skill, at least you control that." Mike "Noner" Pannone


CTT-Solutions LLC provides custom specialized training based on a client’s mission essential task list (METL) or specified goals on an emerging skill set.


CTT-Solutions offers custom courses in Tactics for Military and Law Enforcement Agencies.


CTT-Solutions offers custom courses in Tactical Medicine for Military and Law Enforcement Agencies.

Firearms Training for Women

A firearms course designed specifically for women and taught by women. All instructors are NRA Certified.
"Mike teaches simple, efficient and tactically sound techniques. This simple approach enabled me to improve my understanding of the AR weapon system. Through Mike's drill's and instruction I was able to improve my speed, accuracy and weapon manipulation skills to new levels. I put our team and agency through the lessons learned from Mike. The feedback from the officer's was phenomenal. All shooters reported an increase in personal confidence after the course. There is no doubt that the information we gained from Mike's real world experience will be used to save officer's lives in future engagements."

Sgt. Ryan Jellison
Carmel Police Department